One New Fibre, Different Names (What is Triexta?)

A newcomer to the carpeting industry, triexta is a synthetic fibre invented by DuPont, the same company that brought us nylon. You may hear the names triexta, Sorona and SmartStrand used interchangeably, that’s because different manufacturers market the fibre under different brand names. The technical name for triexta is polytrimethylene terephthalate, PTT for short.

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Stain Resistance

Triexta fibre is hydrophobic (meaning that it does not absorb moisture), which makes it inherently stain resistant. Spills can be cleaned with only water, saving you the effort and cost of spot cleaning and reducing the potential use of chemical-laden spot treatment products. Aside from resisting stains, triexta fibre also resists fading. It is extremely colourfast, which makes it ideal for areas that receive ample sunlight.


Another clear advantage of triexta is that it’s remarkably softer than nylon. Owing in part to not having any chemicals applied to the fibre for stain protection, triexta feels luxuriously soft to the touch and comfortable underfoot.

An Eco-Friendly Synthetic Option

Unlike nylon, which doesn’t feature renewable resources, triexta is made with rapidly renewable corn glucose in place of petroleum (up to 37%). This also means that fewer chemicals, in the form of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are released from the fibre making it a better synthetic option for your home or office.

Resiliency And Durability

Although triexta is not as resilient as nylon (resilience being the fibre’s ability to bounce back from compaction), it does hold up well to high traffic.

Mohawk, the biggest manufacturer of triexta carpets under the SmartStrand brand, claims that triexta is just as durable as nylon. Anecdotally, our customer feedback lends its support to this statement, however, triexta doesn’t have the long-standing track record that nylon does so documented proof is not yet available.

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