Axminster/Custom Carpets

The Origin of Axminster Carpet

Axminster carpets were first made by Thomas Whitty in the 18th century in the English town of the same name. The Whitty factory produced original Axminster carpets until it closed in 1835. The name Axminster now refers to carpets with a pile created using the same technique used to make velvet or chenille. See our Wollongong carpet showroom to see the Axminster for yourself.

Why Choose Axminster Carpet

Superior Durability

More than 90% of all carpets produced today are tufted. To make a tufted carpet, yarn is first inserted through a primary backing that is then coated with adhesive. A secondary backing is then glued on for strength and stability.With Axminster carpets, the pile and backing are woven together in a single operation, a unique construction process that gives Axminster carpets superior durability and appearance retention. These carpets are purposely designed to withstand wear and tear and are ideal for interiors ranging from luxury hotels and resorts to more practical installations in corporate headquarters and transport facilities.

Complex Designs

The unique manufacturing method described above not only creates a durable and resilient carpeting solution, but also allows for the creation of complex designs as well as large-scale patterns incorporating a multitude of color combinations.

Sound Absorption and Flame-Resistance

Owing to the rich blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, Axminster has excellent sound absorption. Additionally, because of its wool component, it is naturally flame-resistant, readily meeting flammability and fire code standards without the need for spray-on treatments.

Exceptional Craftmanship


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