• What are Carpet Tiles?

    Carpet tiles, also called carpet squares or modular carpet, are squares cut from wall to wall rolls and come in 48x48, 50x50, 60x60 and 96x96 cm options.

    Carpet tiles are available in either non-adhesive (requires gluing) or adhesive (peel-and-stick) styles. If you're looking for a Wollongong carpet layer and supplier you can trust, contact Tony Di Milia Flooring today!

Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

Owing to their small size, carpet tiles are considerably easier to move, position and install compared with standard rollout carpet. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, they even come with do-it-yourself kits. These kits have straightforward measurements for easy installation.

There is less cutting involved during installation, particularly in rooms with many corners and odd angles, which means less waste.

Also, whereas a stain can potentially ruin an entire wall to wall carpet, an individual tile can be replaced with very little effort or expense. These reasons make carpet tiles an ideal choice for projects on a tight budget or tight timeline.

Design Flexibility

Tile carpet flooring offers a huge variety in appearance. They allow for freedom with design, giving more depth and texture to a room. You can achieve a custom look by using different colours and patterns to create unique environments only limited by your imagination.

Comfort and Durability

Carpet tiles are purpose-built for heavy commercial traffic. Because the yarn is sealed into a vinyl backing, it is nearly impossible to unravel, making carpet tiles ideal for heavy foot traffic. The low pile, tightly looped construction not only provides better walking comfort but also ensures long performance life.

  • We are extremely happy with all the results.

    Recently TDF has installed new carpet in our Bedrooms and new flooring in our new entertainment area.

    While there were some issues with the entertainment area, they were fixed to our satisfaction once Tony was aware of it. I always believe issues can occur with any job, the true indication of a great business is what they do about it. Fix it and move on is a fantastic business like TDF, make excuses on why it can’t be fixed is when you know you wished you went to someone professional like TDF.

    Only advice I would give is to tell your installers that it is best to take your time and do it right the first time as a quick job which needs revisiting costs more in the long run.

    Thanks again Tony for a great end result.

    Roy Zanetti