For a classic look lasting a lifetime, timber is difficult to beat.

Timber has an earthiness and natural warmth that is difficult to match. Timber not only adds character to any room but also is easy to install, versatile, and low maintenance, making it a great option for any home.

    • Solid

      Solid timber flooring as the name implies is 100% hardwood from the top to the base of the floorboard. With its all its natural details, it adds a sense of calming elegance to every room.

    • Engineered

      Engineered timber has the stability of a modern industrial hardwood and the timeless beauty of real wood.

    • Parquetry

      The enduring beauty of natural wood laid in an eye-catching geometric pattern, parquet flooring gives any home a warm ambience and timeless appeal.

    • Bamboo

      An extremely durable yet affordable natural floor covering, bamboo, with its clean, contemporary look, adds warmth and beauty to any room.