Solid Timber

A solid timber floor lends a sense of tradition to your home. It is a standout feature that potential home buyers will look for in a house. It has been a popular flooring choice for centuries, and homes with solid timber flooring tend to sell faster than homes with wall-to-wall carpeting. Let’s have a look at why you should consider solid timber over other flooring options.

Why Choose Solid Timber

Enhance the Look of Your Home

The aesthetic appeal of solid timber flooring is widely acknowledged. No other flooring material can compare to the elegance and ambiance natural wood adds to any space.

Regardless of the overall style of your home, solid timber flooring is an easy way to make a lasting first impression.

Strong and Durable

Solid timber has been the construction material of choice for centuries. It is well known for its strength and durability. This is because solid timber that comes from slow-growing trees such as oak, cedar and walnut has a higher density compared to faster growing softwoods. Solid timber also provides good insulation against noise, so if you are looking for a little bit of privacy this is a good natural choice.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Solid timber flooring isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, it is also eco-friendly and sustainable. Up to 50% of the dried weight of solid timber is carbon that has been absorbed from the atmosphere. This helps mitigate climate change.

Not only that, the production of solid timber flooring also requires less energy and natural resources compared to other flooring materials. And since solid timber is undoubtedly harder than most surfaces it can last a lifetime or even longer, which means less waste from renewing your flooring.

Sand & Polish

Your timber flooring is a lifetime investment that adds not only value to your home but also gives it character and life. When it becomes worn and tired, we can bring it back to life through sanding and polishing.

Tony DiMilia Flooring offers complete timber floor solutions in Wollongong and the Illawarra. We install new solid timber floors and make old floorboards look new.

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