Carpet Wollongong & The Illawarra Trusts!

Offering a broad range of fibres and textures suitable for both commercial and residential use. Tony Di Milia Flooring works closely with its clients in order to achieve the ultimate carpet flooring, ranging from the classic to the most contemporary.

    • Nylon Carpets

      Today’s nylon carpet is arguably the most resilient carpet fibre available. It is unbelievably durable and stain-resistant keeping it looking like new for longer. Such features make nylon the most popular carpet around and a versatile flooring for any room.

    • Wool Carpets

      A natural fibre obtained primarily from sheep, wool is free from toxins and has crimps and curls that give it a luxuriously soft cushiony feel. If warmth and comfort are your highest priority, wool is your premier carpet of choice.

    • Carpet Tiles

      Carpet tiles, also called carpet squares or modular carpet, offer the same soft look and feel of standard carpet rolls but are more cost-effective and far more versatile.

    • Axminster/Custom

      Originating from the old English town of Axminster in the 18th century, Axminster carpets boast the widest array of design and colour choices. Whether you’re going for an abstract or traditional off-the-shelf pattern or a custom design, such as your company logo, an Axminster carpet is an investment in quality that is sure to turn heads.

    • Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

      With the ability to withstand rain and other elements while also looking just as stylish as indoor carpeting, indoor-outdoor carpets are designed to reflect the same trends and styles found in interior floor coverings but manufactured specifically for outdoor use.