• Unlike conventional timber flooring milled from a real hardwood species, engineered timber is made up of a top layer of solid hardwood glued perpendicularly to a base of high-quality plywood.

    Engineered timber combines the best of both worlds: you get the warmth and beauty of solid timber with the stability of the plywood backing. If you are still on the fence about engineered timber, we are happy to help.

Engineered Timber is More Stable

Owing to the layered construction of its core, engineered timber has better resistance to moisture levels and greater stability against environmental changes, making it less likely than solid timber to shrink or warp.

Engineered Timber is Versatile

Since engineered timber is man-made, it is manufactured to meet application-specific requirements. For instance, it is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes, grades and exposure durability classifications, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of construction, industrial and home project applications.

Engineered Timber is Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Solid timber requires cutting large trees, which grow more slowly, while engineered timber can be produced from relatively small trees. This not only means less pressure from the forest resource but also more floors with a layer of solid hardwood on top of a structurally stable engineered timber plank. This is as opposed to producing a few planks of solid timber.

Using engineered timber as a building material is also beneficial for the environment as it traps carbon, helping mitigate climate change. About half of its dry weight consists of carbon, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere if the timber is allowed to decay.

Engineered Timber is Easy to Install

Engineered timber uses an advanced tongue-and-groove system that locks its components in place and is pre-finished before it arrives on site. This means the installation and site finishing is often completed faster than solid timber flooring.

  • Great Job!

    “We recently had Tony Di Milia install our new engineered timber flooring.Tony gave us a lot of advice and info on which flooring would work best for us, Daniela was great in the office and kept in contact during the whole process and Daniel was awesome installing the flooring.

    The price was very reasonable and nothing was a problem. We absolutely love our new flooring it has transformed our house. I would definitely recommend Tony Di Milia, another bonus was they were always on time.Thanks again guys great job."

    Gordana Trajcevski